Personal Belongings – Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your families are well and managing during these crazy times.  By now you will have had contact with one of your children’s teachers.  Thank you for answering their questions to help us plan for the days ahead.  Unless you asked them not to, your children’s teachers will be in regular contact in the coming weeks to make sure you are doing OK and to help involve your children in continuing educational support.


Due to a shortage of cleaning supplies, our school district is having to make decisions around consolidating and closing some school buildings.  I suspect NCA could be closed.  They are asking us to reach out to parents in case there are personal items at the school that need to be picked up before we are back in the building.  If things can wait, that is the safest and preferred.


By tomorrow morning, teachers will collect student belongings and put them in the hall outside their classroom in case they might be needed.  If there are several items they will be bagged and labeled.  Again, if this can wait, that is the safest, but if not, please plan to come to the school on Friday or Monday between 8 am and 1:45 pm.  Please bang on the door and I will let you in to walk directly in and out.  Please do not bring your children with you, we want to minimize risk to everyone.


I apologize for the short notice and tight schedule.  Please do feel free to contact me if these times will not work for you and we will see what we can figure out for you.


So if I don’t see you, please stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you all again hopefully soon.


Take care everyone,




Glen Overgaard