Students to return June 1st – Response to questionnaire required

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you and your families are doing well.  It is great to hear about all the home learning that has been going on and the connections your students have been making with North Canoe staff.

Yesterday you received a District email about the re-opening of schools.  In the email it states:

“With the positive news about the decline in COVID-19 comes recent direction from the Ministry of Education to re-open our schools effective June 1, 2020, to provide additional in-class instruction. Parents will still have the option of keeping their children at home, and some home learning opportunities will continue on-line until the end of the school year.”

It is very important that you respond to this questionnaire for each of your school-aged (grade K-5) children.  We will need to know which students will be returning to school in the coming weeks so that we can make plans accordingly.

Depending on the survey results for North Canoe, we will be starting to make plans for more in class learning.  As a result, next week teachers will need to post-pone much of the home learning they have been doing in order to plan and prepare for the next stage of learning.  Depending on the survey results for North Canoe, we will then be planning to focus on mostly in class instruction, mostly home learning, or a combination.  If we do have a good number of students returning, home learning will continue, but it will most likely be supported through the district home learning team rather than your child’s classroom teacher.

I’d like to close by saying thank you to everyone for your patience, understanding and support as we continue to adapt to this ever changing situation.

Yours truly,

Glen Overgaard