School Fees

Permissible Fees

In compliance with provincial legislation listed below are the permissible school fees . This allows for students to have standardized supplies and keep the costs down. A financial hardship policy is in place at North Canoe Elementary for families unable to afford school fees. Please contact Mr. Overgaard , Principal, for further information.

Permissible School Fees – Student Class Supplies $ 35.00
(pencils, paper, notebooks, planner etc.)

Requested Activity Fees

Provincial legislation does not allow schools to charge a mandatory activity fee. The activity fee assists in funding a variety of programs that are organized throughout the school year and are not covered under the regular school budget. Our PAC and staff believe these programs and activities are important for our students and are requesting parents continue to pay these fees so that these programs and activities can continue. Our ability to provide these programs will be dependent on the response from parents. No student will be denied access to a school sponsored program/activity for financial reason. If circumstances do not permit payment at this point, please contact Mr. Overgaard, principal.

Requested Activity Fees $ 20.00