School Fees 2022-2023

Listed below are the permissible school fees in compliance with provincial legislation. A financial hardship policy is in place at North Canoe Elementary for families unable to afford school fees. Please contact Mr. Overgaard, Principal, for further information.

*Fees are due by October 7, 2022*

Required School Supply Package Fee:  $ 35.00

The School Supply Package fee covers most of the school supplies your child will need for the year (pencils, paper, notebooks, planner, scissors, etc.).  Teachers use this fee to purchase quality supplies for the best prices instead of parents getting a supply list from the school for families to purchase on their own.

Requested Activity Fee:  $20.00 (maximum $40 per family)

Activity fees, in addition to funds generously provided by our Parent Advisory Council, cover school activities, field trips and cultural performances.  Our PAC and staff believe these programs and activities are important for our students and are requesting parents pay these fees so that these programs and activities can continue. Provincial legislation does not allow schools to charge a mandatory activity fee. Although no student will be denied access to a school sponsored program/activity for financial reason, our ability to provide these programs will be dependent on the response from parents.


Fee Payment Methods:

To minimize in person contact with parents and social distance as much as possible, North Canoe will now be accepting Interac® e-Transfer of funds. Interac e-Transfer® allows you to send money easily and securely using a computer or a mobile phone. Transfers are to be sent to the North Canoe Elementary email at: and if you could please include child’s name on the transfer it would be appreciated.

If you would prefer to still pay with cash or a cheque that is made payable to North Canoe Elementary then please send to the school in an envelope with your child/children’s name on it and we will issue a receipt that will be sent home.