Does your child ride the bus?

As planning continues for school re-start on Monday, June 1, School District No. 83 (North-Okanagan-Shuswap) transportation department has important information for the parents of any child who will be riding the bus.

Student pick up and drop off times will remain the same for their return to school on June 1st. However, due to lower ridership, parents are requested to please have their children at the bus stop a minimum of five minutes early in the morning.  In addition, some high school students may return home a little earlier in the afternoon because fewer people are riding the bus.

Parents who have indicted their child will be riding the bus to school will be receiving an email directly from the SD83 Transportation Dept. with finalized information, later today or early Saturday. Please keep an eye out for it.

Drivers please be aware school zones are in effect. For the safety of all, we ask that everyone remember the importance of stopping for a school bus with red lights activated (We Stop – You Stop), please don’t rush the bus, and ensure you not driving distracted around our students or the bus.

Thank you!

Important Information for Parents of Students Returning to In-Class Instruction

We have been very busy at the school preparing for some of our students to return on Monday, June 1 and we are looking forward to seeing them soon!  This information is for everyone that has indicated that their children will be returning to school June 1 using the online survey.  Please read all of the information in this email carefully.  It is very important for the safety of all that these procedures are followed thoroughly.

Students with IEPs or whose parents indicated they are essential service workers will be eligible to attend 5 days per week.  Otherwise, students in Mrs. Stark’s class will attend Mondays and Tuesdays and students in Mrs. Quilty and Mrs. Tomlinson’s classes will attend on Thursdays and Fridays.  Mrs. Quinton will be contacting her students’ parents to let them know which days they will be attending.

If you have not responded to the survey, we are not yet prepared to accept your child(ren) back.  In this case, please contact Mr. Overgaard so we can plan for a time for them to return.  During school hours, school grounds will be closed to everyone, including students, if they have not been scheduled for in-class learning.

By the end of the week, you will be receiving an email from your children’s teachers with specific information related to their individual classes.  Please be sure to read these carefully and follow all procedures.

You will have been sent many documents from the province and our school district related to the safety of students and staff with regard to the return to in-class instruction.  All of the procedures below are based on these documents.  The documents are available for you to view on the district website

Before bringing your child to school

Parents must self assess the health of their children, immediate family and recent contacts using the attached list of symptoms.  DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD IF your child has – or has been exposed to anyone with – any of these symptoms and contact the school to let us know.

Entry Procedure

  • Students are not to arrive before 8:20 am.  Playgrounds are closed before school. 
  • Drop off between 8:20 and 8:30
    • Parents are to stay with their children in the designated area for the class keeping physical distancing (min 2m)
    • Parents will not enter the building (by appointment only)
    • Teachers will approach families and do secondary health checks using a checklist.  If parents or students answer yes to any of the questions, students will return home with parents and may return only with a doctor’s note.  If unsure, Mr. Overgaard will be asked to help assess.  Otherwise, students go to next chalk mark in line up until all checks are complete.


Once children enter the School

  •  Each child will place their belongings at their desk and then go and wash their hands.  Children will be assigned desks.  Desks will be placed properly distanced in the classroom. Children are to put their jackets on the backs of their chairs and their packs on the floor beside their seat.
  • Learning activities will be in students’ own personal spaces.
  • Children will be provided their own individual supplies, books, manipulatives, play equipment and/or toys to use. 
  • Any shared manipulatives or shared objects will be disinfected before use by another student or left for at least 24 hours.
  • Classes will practice hand washing hygiene throughout the day – every time they exit and enter the classroom & before and after eating or using the washroom, coughing, sneezing, or blowing noses.
  • We will spend more time outdoors.  Children need to have appropriate clothing.  Students will not be required to have both indoor and outdoor shoes. 

Recess and Lunchtime

As long as the number of students in attendance remains low, recess and lunch will follow our regular schedule.

  • Students will wash hands before eating, before leaving the class to play, and upon returning to the class.  Hand sanitizer will also be available for students and staff outside during play times. 
  • Students will be encouraged to spread out in play between the spaces available. 
  • Encouraged activities will be: Soccer on the field (no hands – kicking only including goalies), hockey (individually labeled sticks, no hands on ball), playground, swings, hopscotch, etc. 
  • There may be access to one or two balls to share between students that will be disinfected after play time. 
  • Students will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer if shared equipment is touched and to avoid touching faces at all times.


Washroom and Water Breaks

  • CEAs will accompany the student and stand outside the washroom.  When the student is finished, the CEA will oversee handwashing and escort the student back to class.  In hallways, students are to walk in the center of the hall keeping hands to self.  Maximum 2 students at a time in the washroom.
  • Students will not have access to water fountains.  Parents need to send a full water bottle from home.  If water bottles need refilling, CEAs will collect and fill using proper hand washing protocols.

Symptomatic Student OR Adult

  • It is essential that no adults or students attend if they are symptomatic in any way of a cold, fever, or illness of any kind. 
  • Parents are expected to abide by the health screen each day.
  • Adults who become ill during the day must inform the office and leave the building immediately.  All contact areas will be disinfected immediately.  A doctor’s note will be required to return. 
  • Students who become ill during the day will be accompanied immediately by a CEA (with physical distancing) to the medical room and instructed where to sit/stay.  Parents will be contacted to pick the child up ASAP.  The CEA will supervise the student from the door.  All contact areas will be disinfected immediately.  A doctor’s note will be required to return.
  • The medical room can accommodate a maximum of 3 students.  If more space is required, the small library room will be used.
  • During this phase, other non-symptomatic medical needs will be attended to in the kitchen.  A first aid kit will be available in the kitchen.


  • Parents are required to pick up students between 2:20 and 2:30 pm in designated areas keeping physical distance (2m).
  • Teachers will bring students out to designated areas at 2:20 pm and dismiss students to parents
  • Older students may be dismissed to walk home.
  • Playgrounds will be closed during dismissal time.


General Protocols

  • Please take time to teach protocols to students:  coughing into arms, handwashing procedures, use of hand sanitizer, not touching face, lining up procedures, appropriate games and ways to play, physical distancing, no physical contact, hugs, etc.  2m distancing is not required between students or staff and students (just no contact).  Adults should maintain 2m distance as much as practicable. 
  • EVERY time students and staff enter a new area of the building, hand washing is required.
  • We will minimize students moving through the building as much as we can.  Students can exit through classroom doors, but must enter at designated doors and go through handwashing procedure. Students are to walk in the center of halls keeping hands to self.
  • If there is a repeated purposeful violation of rules or procedures, parents will be contacted.  Students may be restricted to home learning opportunities only. 
  • Washrooms and high touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized twice a day.  General cleaning and disinfecting once per day.

Returning to School Planning Survey due Wednesday at 10 p.m.

Thank you to everyone that has filled out the survey so far.  If you are planning to have your child return to school next week and you have not done so yet, you must complete this quick survey by 10 pm tonight.

Thank you,

Glen Overgaard, Principal

You may need to hold down the ctr button and click on the link or copy and paste it into your web browser.

School re-start plan

As SD83 prepares for Stage 3 (voluntary return to in-class learning), we would like to share our ongoing planning, and explain the preparations that are already under way. We will continue to update you as needed as we move towards the part-time return to classrooms on June 1 and beyond.

We would like to acknowledge that these changes may place additional stress on all our students and their families as well as our staff and their families. While there are many positives to returning to some semblance of normal, there is understandable anxiety around safety, and uncertainties around ‘how it will work’.
Much organization and thought is going into preparing our schools including:

  • Survey all families to see if they intend to send their children to school, and how often.
  • Follow up communication to families that have not completed the survey to ensure all families are contacted regarding their intentions for June.
  • Inform parents which days their children will attend
  • Reduce kindergarten to grade 5 Home Learning support and interactions for May 25-29 to allow teachers and staff to set-up classrooms and prepare to receive students
  • Have Health and Safety Teams at each school review the site-based safety plans
  • Put in place health and safety procedures at each school
  • Have every school staff ‘practice’ the week before return to in-class instruction. This will allow us to identify any improvements we need to make before the return of students.
  • Follow Ministry Guidelines around maximum class sizes (50%) and school densities (50% for K to 5) and (20% for Grade 6 to 12) and strategies to minimize physical contact
  • Organize custodial staff for daytime cleaning supports in each school to accommodate occupancy

Please click here for further information on the SD83 School Restart Plan including family and school responsibilities, and a look at the increased safety measures.

What will schools look like?
SD83 will follow the expectations of the Ministry which includes voluntary in-class instruction across the district while continuing to support vulnerable learners and students with designated special needs.
Each class and school in SD83 may look different as each situation is being tailored to the number of students who choose to return to school and the number that continue with home learning opportunities.
Children attending school in K-5 will be learning and playing outside more frequently (playgrounds are open) and washing their hands more frequently. Schools will have daytime custodial staff cleaning as students are in the school. Each class will also have sanitizer and disinfectant to use as needed.

SD83 will follow the Provincial Guidelines of one student per seat, or two students per seat if from the same household. It will take some time to finalize this plan. Transportation is reviewing survey information from parents on who needs busing and is adapting/customizing routes to fit student/school needs. Parents will be contacted by email or phone about pick up times if they have requested busing.

If you are interested in further information please follow these Ministry links to additional resources:
Supporting the K-12 Education Response to COVID-19 in B.C.
MOE K-12 Provincial COVID Health & Safety Guidelines
Centre for Disease Control – Health Guidelines for the Education Sector
WorkSafe BC Education Protocols
B.C. K – 12 Education Restart Plan