North Canoe PAC Executive 2021/2022

President: Malerie Rusk  250-803-6531

Vice President: Danett Iaccino  250-833-0378

Treasurer: Sherri Beauchamp  1-778-823-4040

Secretary: Connie Reid 1-250-307-9143

Please see attachments for PAC minutes:

PAC meeting minutes October 18,  2021

September  minutes adopted by Malerie 1st and Sherri 2nd

Malerie Rusk

Sherri Beauchamp

Danett Iaccino

Katy Ackerman

Glen Overgaard

• President – Malerie Rusk

• Vice President – Danett Iaccino

• Secretary – 

• Treasurer – Sherri Beauchamp – Account Update  Equity: $7.83 Maximizer: $2946.66 Gaming: $90.98 Playground: $485.85 Patronage: $2.95 

• Principal – Glen Overgaard


• It was a good transition for youngsters to wear masks when mandatory became in effect. 

• one to one learning meeting with PAC at 3:15 next PAC meeting (Nov 8th)

• Informal Report Cards last week

• Understanding Anxiety October 25, 6-7:30pm info on our North Canoe Elementary website

• Photo Retakes are Nov 2nd 

• Nov 7th is Daylight Savings – Don’t forget we fall back 1 hr

• Nov 18 Goal Setting Conference. 11:30am Dismissal

• Grocery Cards due Thurs Oct 21

• Other Fundraisers coming soon – Devry Poinsettias Just in time for xmas and maybe pies. Looking into it

•Sherri and Danett Packed up Bookfair,on Friday Malerie and Collette cleaning up tables etc come Mon Nov 1st

• PAC is looking into more field trips for our kids this year. Such as Gymnastics, swimming, and skating etc….

• Principals Wish List $4675.00 – Including possible Field Trips, Scholarship, One to One Support, and Classroom Support.

• Approved Classroom, Music, Library, Learning Resources Support for $700 ($100 each)

•  Approved Book Fair Float of $150 and purchase of 15 Tablecloths from Dollarama to match our Jungle Theme

•Holiday Gift Shop will be in the Movement Room come Nov 22-26. Open During Lunch hours and from 2:30 – 3:30 after school. Family Night will be held Nov 25th 5-8pm

Next PAC meeting is Nov 8th at 3pm via Teams